Accessibility at the Orpheum Theater

At our venue, both the main floor and lounge area are wheelchair accessible and equipped with accessible seating.

We do not have wheelchairs available for rental. You may choose to remain in your wheelchair or transfer to a venue-provided chair. If you would like a chair, please notify a staff member in your area and we will be glad to store your wheelchair near your row.

Limited Mobility

If you do not require the use of a wheelchair but would benefit from the features of our accessible seats, please email us at or call us during business hours at (928) 556-1580.


The Orpheum Theater follows the 2010 ADA Revised Requirements regarding the sale of accessible seating. Patrons requiring accessible seating accommodations are encouraged to contact us prior to the day of the show to request accommodations.

For the 2010 ADA Revised Requirements regarding ticket sales and accessible seating, enforced by the Orpheum Theater, please click here.


The Orpheum Theater does not have designated parking.

Restrooms, Merchandise, and Concessions

Our accessible restroom is available at the front entrance of the venue. The Bar and Concessions area are both accessible from the lounge area of the venue. Guests can contact staff members for assistance if interested in food or beverage items.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted in the theater. Emotional support animals, comfort animals and therapy dogs are not service animals as defined by the 2010 ADA Guidelines. Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained. If a service animal interferes with other guests, corrective action may include re-arranging seating or removal of the service animal from the theater.

Contact Us

If your show experience would benefit from any of these features, or you have questions, please email us at or call us during business hours at (928) 556-1580.